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Light from the stars were wiped out many years ago, with only pieces of shining stardust left scattered throughout space. You are tasked by the gods to collect and return stardust to the stars, lighting them up and reactivating the Greek constellations. 

A game controller is recommended for playing experience. 



A/X for submit and interact with the stars

B/O for speed up

Left Stick for player movement control

Menu/Start for pause menu



Development Team, University of Toronto

- Zelin Zhang (code writing)

- Xiaoqi Gao (code writing, level design, QA)

- Edison Tse (code writing, level design, project managing)

Art Team, OCAD University

- Madelaine Fischer-Bernhut (animation, UI/UX, level design, VFX, development)

- Becky Wu (3D Assets, level design, concept art, logo design)

- Steve Chen (background illustration, UI assets, concept art)

Music, University of Toronto

- Ryan O’Grady (BGM, sound effect)

- Sami Anguaya (BGM, sound effect)


Polaris for PC 137 MB
Polaris for MAC 135 MB

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